Eat Out To Help Out for London Visitors

Places to Eat in London During August 2020

In August 2020 the UK Government has pledged to launch the ‘eat out to help out’ discount scheme across the United Kingdom.  The principle of the scheme is to encourage people across the UK to apply a 50% discount, capped at £10 per person, on meals out.

As a Eat out to help out scheme user you’ll be able to get the discount at a huge range of participating bars, bistros, restaurants, cafés and pubs 

Many of the National food chains offering in-store dining have already stated their intention to participate, business’s such as – Burger King, McDonald’s, Frankie and Benny’s, Nando’s, Harverster, Wetherspoon, Toby Carvery, Pizza Hut, and many more chains will be taking part in the scheme.  Remember, independent restaurants, cafés, and pubs will also be eligible to take part.

Under the scheme, places to eat can offer 50 per cent off meals up to £10 per person for customers dining-in on Mondays to Wednesdays throughout August.

The idea is to help stimulate the economy and to keep restaurant workers in jobs.

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The 50% discount applies to sit-down meals and non-alcoholic drinks across the entire menu – takeaway, alcohol and service charges will not be eligible. Crucially, businesses must apply it on top of their own existing offers, vouchers or third-party discount schemes.  This means you can also use other discount vouchers, for example Yo! Sushi are also running a 25% off for Armed Forces and a veterans carrying a valid defence discount card .

At most Yo! Sushi restaurants, customers who show a valid Defence Discount Service code from Monday-Friday or Sunday will get 25% off food.

To get the code, you need to hold a Defence Discount Service card, and generate the code from its website or via the app – you can’t just show the card.

It’s only valid on bills up to the value of £100. It excludes drinks and takeaways, and it can’t be used with any other offers.

It’s valid at all Yo! Sushi restaurants except Heathrow T2 and T3.

How will the ‘eat out to help out’ scheme work for the London Visitor?

Here’s what we know about how the scheme will work for the London Visitor :

  • The total amount you get off the bill will be capped at £10 per person, per meal. No minimum spend or minimum number of diners is required.
  • Takeaways and service charges won’t be discounted. However, if you purchase a meal with the intention of eating in but decide to take it away, the discount will still apply.
  • You’ll only be able to get the discount at participating restaurants, cafés and pubs. Promotional posters, like the ones below, will be displayed in restaurant windows.
  • You’ll be able to use the discount as many times as you want during August. There’s no limit, but it’ll only be available on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays (all day).
  • The discount will be applied automatically when you pay. So you won’t need to do anything to get it – the restaurant, café or pub will simply apply the reduction, then claim the cost back from the Government.
  • Outlets which choose to participate must apply the discount “fully across their menu” – and on top of any other vouchers they offer. So all food and non-alcoholic drinks available to eat-in customers must be included, and the Government says restaurants must allow you to use the ‘eat out to help out’ discount on top of any other vouchers or offers which are running.

Can diners stack their Tastecard discount with the Government scheme?

Yes. The Treasury confirmed for us that participating places must apply the 50% off alongside any other offers, discount schemes or vouchers that would normally be valid.

Tastecard told us its usual discounts will continue to run throughout August, so, when dining in at Tastecard’s partnered restaurants which are participating in the scheme, you should be able to stack the usual Tastecard discount with the ‘eat out to help out’ 50% off. Meerkat Meals and Dine Club confirmed their discounts will run as normal throughout August as well. We’re still waiting to hear back from Gourmet Society.

The Government’s 50% discount will be applied AFTER other discounts – meaning if you use a 20% off restaurant voucher, that would come off your bill first, and you’d then get a further 50% off up to £10 per person on whatever is left (from eligible items). 

Will places to eat temporarily pull other discounts or offers as a result? 

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If places to eat don’t want to allow offers to be stacked, they’re obliged to withdraw their existing offers on the days that the ‘eat out to help out’ scheme is valid, ie, Mon-Wed throughout August.

This is a great opportunity to try new food, enjoy a family gathering or eat at your favourite place, keep an eye on London visitor to see local restaurants near you offering the “Eat Out To Help Out” Scheme


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