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Why Use the Directory


Shoppers are increasingly becoming more savvy, shopping online and making buying decisions based upon comparisons, that include convenience, suitability, features, location and costs. The online shopping boom is here to stay because it puts customers in control and allows them to make the choices without hassle or interruption.


We recognise 2 important factors which are addressed in this website, firstly if our listed members are not found they are missing out on a huge volume of interest, all of the sales lost are going to your competitors, not because they are better, cheaper or more suitable, simply because they were found. Secondly we empower the customer to maintain control by providing them with choices. We offer informative listings and we make it easy for our customers to be found.


Your Job is to make the listing attractive to customers who want your products.

Reach More Customers

We know how and where to find new customers, we know that these customers are looking for your services in your location and we also know they are looking to see what your competitors are offering so they can make a comparison.


Happy Customers

Gain happy and loyal customers who will be happy to recommend your services, by managing their expectations before they even
walk through your doors. We give you the opportunity to tell customers everything they need to know about your business before
they even arrive. Its up to you to choose what information you provide. Customers will share their experiences, mostly with their
feet, happy customers will return time and time again whilst unhappy customers will not and its also likely that they will tell their
friends of their experience.

Information Centre

Our website visitors hardly ever visit just one place, they are looking for a range of ideas, events and places, usually by location.
They search for multiple things to do and the directory is the central hub to help them discover their next adventures. Make your
business stand out and entice customers to visit you next time they are in your area.

Map Location

We realize the importance of a map, visually and for information purposes, our customers plan how and when they will stop off at
your place as part of their next adventure. Standout from the crowd and ensure you include plenty of images, a strapline and a
logo to help you stand out on the map. Get found by more customers with an enhanced listing from as little as £25 per month.

Open Hours

With so many customers planning their journey, timings are very important to customers. Disappointed customers who found your
closed sign are unlikely to return, especially when they were in the area and made the effort to visit your business. Don’t disappoint
them, let them know when your open.


Using your own log-in, you can monitor the performance of your listing(s) with line graphs showing the number of people viewing
your details daily, weekly or monthly. Learn about how customers are finding you by seeing the proportion of viewers using mobile
devices vs desktop screens.

No Adverts

Many other directory websites are funded by adverts. There will never be adverts here on this website besides our client listings.
There’s a very good reason for this, we can’t stand being interrupted or distracted by annoying adverts that are not relevant to our
customers next adventure, so we are not going to do that your customers.

Free Advertising

Each category has a free listing option, free listings are displayed on the map listing and are usually found after the featured
listings, many of our customers start out with a free listing and then based on the performance.


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